Highlevel Overview

Created by Vedisoft, Any Telephony Connector is a computer telephony integration between SuiteCRM and all modern PBXs provided by VoIP softphone provider, Softphone.Pro. Check out the key features below:

  1. Learn who calls you before you start talking
  2. Dialing number as easy as one mouse click (click-to-call)
  3. Listen to conversation record directly from client page (audio records of phone talks)

Immediately Know Who is Calling

As a call comes in, a new tab in SuiteCRM appears with who is calling. Not in the system yet? You can add them on the spot:

Any Telephony Connector for SuiteCRM call popup

Automatically Log Calls

Reducing the headache and time it takes to log calls allows your team to field more calls. The module allows you to log calls and get audio records:

Any Telephony Connector for SuiteCRM call history


On any contact, account, or lead, simply click a phone number and your desk phone will immediately dial the number.

To learn more about this solution, go to Any Telephony Connector or search for "PBX."

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