Avoid that sinking feeling of learning much too late that you have been looking at the wrong record the whole time by using a tool such as Duplicate Checker.

Whenever you enter an email, phone, or name you will be prompted with any potential duplicate which lets you know if they exist already in your CRM.

Highlevel Overview

Duplicate Checker helps to prevent duplicate records in SuiteCRM for the Account, Contact and Lead modules. If your CRM has duplicate records then the wrong data can be displayed and used by your users. Stop the possibility of misleading information being used by your team by using Duplicate Checker.

Check Duplicates By Email

Check Duplicates by Email in SuiteCRM

Check Duplicates By Name

Check Duplicates by Name in SuiteCRM

Check Duplicates By Phone

Check Duplicates by Phone Number in SuiteCRM

To learn more about this solution go to Duplicate Checker or search for "duplicate".

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