SendGrid is a platform that helps give your company confidence that emails are actually making it to your intended recipients. With this latest integration by Dreamer Technologies you can leverage SendGrid in both your SuiteCRM individual emails and campaigns to greatly improve deliverability along with tracking of opens, clicks, etc.

Highlevel Overview

SendGrid Integration helps you to track sent emails status in SuiteCRM. Analyse Email Engagement with Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Dropped, Bounced event. SendGrid virtually eliminates the complexities that usually go along with sending corporate emails on a large scale. SendGrid improves deliverability for your application-generated email.

Better Email Tracking

  • Send Bulk Email to a Target List, Lead, or Contact
  • Track Email Opens or Viewed
  • Track Email Link Clicks
  • Track Email Delivery
  • Track Email Sent Vs Attempted
  • Track Email Bounced or Unsubscribed

SendGrid tracking in SuiteCRM

Better SuiteCRM Campaigns

  • Easy Template selection from existing or brand New Creation.
  • Send Campaign at Scheduled time
  • Graphical Campaign Status and response Tracking
  • Graphical representation of your campaign’s Return on Investment

SendGrid & SuiteCRM Campaigns

To learn more about this solution go to SendGrid Integration with SuiteCRM or search for "SendGrid".

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