Highlevel Overview

Businesses relying on SuiteCRM need to enter (and later reference) a large volume of contacts' phone numbers, whether in the US, internationally, or both. Now it's easy to convert your CRM phone field with country flags to quickly identify where your contacts are located.

The Phone Field With Country Flags add-on is created by the development team at GrowMore, and this helpful solution will add a flag dropdown with the country code to any phone input, detect the user's country, and show the flag based on the user's country. It will also display a relevant placeholder, plus provide formatting and validation methods. Check out the features list below:

  • Friendly user interface for entering phone numbers; all countries are shown as a dropdown list with the flags and suggested phone number
  • Automatically select the user's current country using an IP lookup
  • Navigate the country dropdown by typing a country's name, or by using up/down keys
  • No need to remember country codes
  • Type national number and get the full standardized international number
  • Retina flag icons

How it Works

Edit View of Record

When you open any record, it will select the current country using an IP lookup. Below you can see the 3 phone fields with different country codes. Once a mobile number is entered, it will automatically add a country flag.

Phone Field With Country Flags add-on for SuiteCRM Edit View

Detail View of Record

You can see the mobile numbers are saved with their respective country codes. When you open this record in Edit View, It will be visible with a country flag like above.

Phone Field With Country Flags add-on for SuiteCRM Detail View

To learn more about this solution, go to Phone Field With Country Flags or search for "phone field."

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