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How do you know if your CRM platform is being used productively by your team? With the User Analytics CRM add-on, gain valuable insights to understand exactly how SuiteCRM is being used on a daily basis. Get analytics like CRM usage by module with the number of records created, updated or deleted, plus time spent on each function.

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Capture SuiteCRM activities by module, function and time

Is your SuiteCRM platform being used to its best potential? For example, how do you know if your users are productively managing records and updating important information on time? The User Analytics CRM add-on solves these issues by capturing how much time each user is spending in the CRM and what they are working on.

Get helpful insights to proactively manage users

  • Most, average and least time spent by any user
  • Modules worked on by any user
  • Records updated by any user





How it Works

Once installed, go to the Admin page and find “User Analytics CRM” under the “other” list. Click to open the Configuration page from here. Configuration is very intuitive and will ask you to select the users and modules that you wish to include in the analytics.

Don’t forget to hit the “SAVE” button once all necessary selections are made.

Please see the configuration examples below.



  • See frequency of SuiteCRM users and how much time they spend on platform
  • Get average, highest and least time users spend in SuiteCRM
  • Get key user analytics matrix on Analytics landing page
  • Get module-wise insights like how many times records were created, updated and deleted

Database Compatibility


Easy to Install & Setup

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