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The Twilio Call Integration helps you make and receive Twilio calls directly from SuiteCRM to your customers. This plugin integrates with modules that contain a phone number field and will conveniently display a clickable call icon on the bottom of every page.

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Start and receive Twilio calls directly in SuiteCRM

Drive sales and support calls with your customer base without leaving your CRM platform. Using the Twilio Call Integration, you can conveniently click the call icon to start Twilio calls (and receive them) directly in SuiteCRM. With the incoming calls feature, users can quickly accept or reject incoming calls to better manage their time. Calls are timed for tracking purposes and once complete, all call details are added to the record.

  • Users can make calls from SuiteCRM
  • Calls get logged into SuiteCRM automatically
  • Relationships get loaded with the record in the subpanel
  • All details of the call are added to record
  • Users can make calls by entering the phone number in the call modal input field (it will open when you click the button located at right bottom of each page in SuiteCRM)
  • Users can also initiate calls by simply clicking the call icon adjacent to the phone number in the detail view
  • If the number entered into the input field matches a CRM record, then the call will get logged under that record
  • Single Twilio number can be configured in the user profile to make a call
  • Additionally, we offer incoming call functionality to further enhance your communication capabilities


How it Works

Calling Functionality

Upon successful integration, users will notice the presence of a prominent call icon on the record detail view, providing convenient and quick access to initiate and receive calls within SuiteCRM. Additionally, a call icon will be conveniently positioned at the right bottom of the screen, ensuring easy accessibility and a seamless user experience for enhanced communication capabilities and user engagement.

When you click on the call icon (which is on the phone field), the call modal will open and it will initiate the calling to the respective number.

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Once the recipient accepts the call, a timer will promptly initiate, marking the duration of the ongoing call.

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Making Calls Manually

In addition to the streamlined process, users also have the flexibility to manually initiate calls by using the call icon conveniently located at the right bottom of the screen. This feature allows users to dial a specific number and make calls as needed, offering versatility and ensuring that communication is tailored to their unique requirements and preferences.

Incoming Call Notice

We have also introduced incoming call functionality, providing users with the option to either accept or reject incoming calls, granting them greater control and flexibility in managing their communication within the SuiteCRM environment.

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