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SuiteGuard is an integrated solution hosting a powerful security tool set that effectively protects your SuiteCRM system.

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SuiteGuard delivers 6 levels of protection for your SuiteCRM system

Security experts agree that both internal and external threats are equally dangerous to company security. The greatest benefits can be gained from using CRM when the users can take full advantage of the program without particularly strict restrictions on rights and roles. However, this poses internal risk in terms of security (leaks) of the data contained in CRM.

Unfortunately, SuiteCRM is neither protected against external brutal force and dictionary type attacks. SuiteGuard was developed to offer an integrated solution for the protection of your CRM system.

Level 1 – protect yourself against external bot attacks.
Level 2 – register and analyze internal user access to CRM data to protect against data leaks.
Level 3 – limit SuiteCRM system availability to company intranet.
Level 4 – protect against intentional or accidental deletion of data.
Level 5 – ensure GDPR compliance.
Level 6 – allow admins log on to any user account without interruption of his work (Sudo functionality)

Features and Benefits Expanded

Level 1. Protect yourself against external bot attacks.

Brutal force is one of the most common types of attacks. During such attacks, automated bots attempt to log into the system using automated varying passwords until entering the correct one. A more sophisticated type of brutal force attack is when bots try to guess not all sequential characters, but sets of characters, words, or commonly used password combinations from specially prepared lists - vocabularies. SuiteGuard will block all attempts to log in from a specific IP address after several failed login attempts. Only the system administrator can “unblock“ the specified IP address in the module settings of SuiteGuard.

Level 2. Register and analyze user access to sensitive data to prevent data leaks.

The SuiteCRM rights and roles system allows to control records access. However, to ensure comfortable and efficient work, users are often allowed to see large amounts of data. Data leaks can only be effectively avoided by logging each review of the data record, together with a properly prepared NDA agreement. SuiteGuard, a button appears in Detail View form of each module, which makes it possible to see who viewed the data and when. SuiteGuard buttons can be displayed for the administrators or all users, depending on the check box in settings.

Level 3. Make your SuiteCRM system available only on the company local network.

This is probably the best approach in terms of security, If CRM can only be accessed at the place of work or via remote workstations equipped with a VPN network. In this case, make permission to log in to CRM only from specified IP addresses (“White list”) .

Level 4. Protect yourself against intentional or accidental deletion of data.

Whether the data was deleted intentionally or accidentally, you can easily restore it with SuiteGuard!

Level 5. Ensure GDPR Compliance.

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25 May 2018. An article published by SuiteCRM provides information on GDPR Compliance. The SuiteGuard plugin ensures two other very important requirements of the GDPR related to logging all personal data views and removing personal data permanently by demanding it from the data owner. With SuiteGuard, you can easily manage access to personal data and ensure the protection of important information. At the request of individuals, you may also permanently delete (without the possibility of restoring) their data. This is a necessary condition under the requirements of the GDPR.

Level 6 – allow admins log on to any user account without interruption of his work (Sudo functionality)

To the see if the roles configured correctly, to check users complains about CRM performance and other many cases SuiteCRM admins need to log on to users accounts and see how CRM act in theirs accounts. Sudo functionality allows admin to do it without interruption of users. In logon screen enter users name and admin password, and you will see exactly the same screen as user see.

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SuiteGuard - the most powerful SuiteCRM security solution!

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