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MTS Language Translate Tool helps you quickly translate important labels in SuiteCRM to your preferred language, such as module, application, and dropdown language. This solution can also create a language package clone from existing languages in your SuiteCRM and quickly export translated language packages to install in your other instances (dev, production, test, etc.).

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Keep all of SuiteCRM in your preferred language, even custom features and third-party integrations

Whether you are a SuiteCRM developer or end-user, you should be able to work within the platform in a way you understand: your own language. While SuiteCRM does support many languages, it does not ensure any of your custom features or purchased add-ons are supported in your language. Many times, only admins can translate and make updates to various labels in the CRM, but that is a time consuming task.

The other issue is, most businesses have multiple CRM instances: pre-production, production, development, test, etc. MTS Language Translate Tool is an excellent option that can help you quickly and easily copy language from different SuiteCRM environments, so everything is consistent.

How it Works

  • Supports any users with permission, so they can translate module language, application language, and dropdown language
  • Creates a new language package clone from any language packages that exist in your SuiteCRM
  • Exports any language package to install into other SuiteCRM instances: dev, production, test, etc.

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