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The MTS Assistant add-on helps your sales and support teams prioritize their next steps by delivering important updates to their SuiteCRM home page throughout the day. See open actions that need immediate attention or nurturing, so you can avoid missing deadlines and follow ups.

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Get important updates in your SuiteCRM to handle priority tasks

MTS Assistant is a SuiteCRM add-on that improves daily tasks by bringing the most important open actions right on the home screen. Any item needing attention or nurturing is brought to the assistant section, such as: new leads or opportunities with no action.

The assistant is readily organized with tasks displayed in order of importance: leads assigned to you today, opportunities with overdue tasks, opportunities with no activity in 30 days, and opportunities with no open activity. Now, your team can have more direction to take the next best action. Decrease the chance of missing deadlines and increase follow through with customers.

How it Works

How MTS Assistant appears in your SuiteCRM.

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 14.40.54.png

Set options for how many tasks are displayed and when it should refresh.

Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 14.41.27.png

Key Features

  • Leads assigned to you today
  • Opportunities with overdue tasks
  • Opportunities with no activity in 30 days
  • Opportunities with no open activity
  • Overdue opportunities
  • Opportunities are overdue if they’re still open after the close date

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