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#818 - Installtion issues can't figure out where to put the lic key

Closed Installation created by johnsparks50 4 years ago

I have added the pluggin. Connected to my suiteCRM and can not find where to insert the key. In gmail it just keeps looping back the the yathi site.

Please give me the steps to follow to insert the key.

Thank you

  1. johnsparks50 member avatar


    4 years ago

    When I try to login I get this

    FireShot Capture 1 - Yathit - Portal - https___www.yathit.com_portal_index.html.png

    • newbagan member avatar

      Yathit Provider

      4 years ago


      There is not need to insert the key. It is automatic after you paid the subscription. Please check about page in the extension to see your license.

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