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#4376 - Umlauts and special characters are not transferred correctly

Closed Bug? created by buchhaltung1 7 months ago

Hello, we use this plugin to automatically generate PDF documents and transfer several text fields to the pdf. As soon as German umlauts (ä,ü,ö,ß) are included, they are not transferred correctly. The UTF-8 encoding doesn't seem to work. Can you please check and help?

Thanks! Best, Erik

  1. cm_sugar member avatar

    CM & Sugar Provider Affiliate

    7 months ago

    Hello, please provide me the actual example. Sepcial chars are not encoded at all, since the plug-in just moves properties from one side to the other. If you create a PDF by any derived module interaction, there must be the issue on reading and parsing the data. Maybe the module itself requires certain logic? If you have access to your database, have a look on your table fields. Check, if there are encoding issues. If you use web UI, it might be converted into readable format and you won't recognize any issue.

    Further I can't map any open subscription to your account. There is just support given for running subscriptions.


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