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#3763 - does this even work?

Open Bug? created by itadmin3 4 months ago

ok the documentation is woefully inadequate for purpose. it presumes you know everything before you even begin, and if you don't, there's not much hope of you getting anywhere.

there's supposed to be some button to click to auto fill everything in. well there isn't. two of the fields are labelled the exact same thing, so god knows what they're supposed to be or where to get this information, and when I do fill it in as best as I can figure, and click the option to start the service, it says it's started, and it shows a PID, but if I check to see what that PID is, there's no process with that ID, suggesting it instantly crashed/exited. however nowhere in any logs is there anything that says why it exited, so I'm left guessing. all I see is chrome telling me it's trying to connect to port 5188 on my server and that connection is refused, which I'd expect cos there's no service running.

so.. what is 'URL for incomig'? I presume this means 'incoming', but incoming what? where am I supposed to find out what this is? Why are there two fields with this identical label? which one does what?

  1. dreamertechs member avatar

    Dreamer Technologies Provider Affiliate

    4 months ago

    Hello IT Admin,

    Thanks for connecting us...!

    Sorry for the inconvenience while the configuration of the Twilio plugin with CRM,i request kindly share your availability to check your query remotely.
    our technical team will guide you how to configure it and why we are getting the error of the 5188 port.
    I request please connect us on skype: dreamertechs.


    Team Dreamer Technologies.

  2. itadmin3 member avatar


    4 months ago

    I sent a message via Skype. I'm available 09:00 - 17:00 Pacific Time Monday-Friday. this is an 11.5 hr time difference (I believe) than you guys.

  3. admin28 member avatar

    admin28 Verified Purchase


    Was this ever resolved? I have not been able to get this to work and there are no indications that it is even successfully connected. Is your company going to offer comprehensive documentation?

    • dreamertechs member avatar

      Dreamer Technologies Provider Affiliate


      Yes, It will be done. We have not received your skype request.

      Share your skype details.

      Whatsapp: +919722611830, hangout:

      please connect us.

    • admin28 member avatar

      admin28 Verified Purchase

      a day ago

      So it seems every new setup requires scheduling a consultation to set it up? I do not use Skype, does your team keep US business hours? I am not sure I will be able to schedule much time to try and get this working. I hope your team devotes some effort into improving the documentation.

      Note: I am not the original commenter on this, but I have the free trial and considering using this plugin in my businesses.

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