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The Sidebar Setting Management add-on lets you customize your SuiteCRM sidebar section by showcasing your preferred number of records under the Favorites and Recently Viewed sections. See and easily reference more records right from your sidebar.

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#4570 - Issue Installing Package

Open Bug? created by bcelotto Verified Purchase 2 months ago


When I install the package, I am unable to load instance only. I get a total blank page. I am able to see the log, but pages are totally blank.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Screenshot from 2022-11-18 09-36-51.png

  1. BrainvireInfotech member avatar

    Brainvire Infotech Pvt. Ltd Provider Affiliate

    2 months ago

    Hello sir,

    May i know the suitecrm version on which you have installed this addon

    • bcelotto member avatar

      bcelotto Verified Purchase

      2 months ago

      Version 7.11.2 Sugar Version 6.5.25

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