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The Quick Search add-on enables users to search instantly in any SuiteCRM module’s list within a specific field. Once configured for a specific field or all fields within a module, a convenient search box can be accessed at the top of the columns, so users can get results from that specific column’s field.

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Support Cases Author Status Type
#4488 Quick search - Quick search is not showing the op[top[n to select the modules to search and suggestion I can check{ jsandoval In Progress Bug?
#4470 Trying to install in Suite CRM 7.11.18 - Trying to install in Suite CRM 7.11.18, but after loading page goes blank. In Progress Installation
#4445 the missing search - Good morning, The magnifying glass is gone again. How do I do this? Cordially Quentin ![Captu Quentin In Progress Bug?
#2715 the plugin does not appear - Hello, I followed the installation procedures but nothing appears! [capture.png]( Quentin Closed Bug?
#2696 Fields do not load. Whole site broken. - Running 7.11.13. Addon installs fine, but gets locked up with a Javascript reload of EVERY SINGLE PA jweisinger Closed Bug?