by Verity Infotech

Never miss scheduling an appointment or seizing a new business opportunity when you connect Calendly with SuiteCRM for real-time calendar syncing. Sync your event invitation into SuiteCRM as a meeting and save your invitee as a contact record, plus many more useful features.

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#4328 When new event creted on calcndly nothing happenign in CRM - I feel I must be missing something, could you provide me a video of how this connects properly. Hopi nhorton Open Bug?
#4244 Not authorized to view - On a new install Calendly Integration API setup is saying the admin role is not authorized to view t sditguru Open Bug?
#4188 Calendly Web Hook to SUITEcrm broken - Our SSL certificate expired, and so our webhook from Calendly to SuiteCRM plugin stopped working. I Support29 Open Bug?
  • "Very promising support by the team. I recommend this addon for syncing meeting with calendly. From A.P.S.A" - juliocesar

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