by Jakota

Integrates SuiteCRM with Mandrill for all CRM based mailing purposes

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Why do I need this? SuiteCRM + Mandrill plugin allow to send i.e. 25.000 E-Mails for as low as 20$. Compared to the $250 Mailchimp would charge (Pay as you go, 25.000 E-Mail credits) this can safe you a lot of money.

Do I need a Mandrill account to use the plugin? Yes. It's free to create one. You only pay depending on your mails actually sent.

Do I need a MailChimp account? Yes. It's free. You can connect your MailChimp account optionally to use your MailChimp templates. Alternatively you can simply use SuiteCRM mail templates.

  1. info50 member avatar


    2 years ago

    Hi, we wonder if it is possible to use the functions of this plugin together with suitecrm workflows to automate mailings.

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