One of my personal pains with CRM is when I need to spend so much time interfacing with the UI. One of those pain points is when I need to quickly find a contact for an account. In our set up the contacts subpanel is somewhere in the middle of the subpanel list. It not only takes time to scroll down to that area, it also requires my weak eyes to strain while trying to find the correct subpanel in the pile of data.

This is why I'm excited for Quick Subpanel. It's not a huge, fancy new feature, but the simplicity of it is the beauty. With it I can save the eye strain and time so that I can focus on the real business value.

Highlevel Overview

Quick Subpanel is designed for jumping quickly to any subpanel in SuiteCRM without having to scroll down the page, giving you and your users more time to work on what matters. Configurable on a per-module basis.

Subpanel Selector




To learn more about this solution go to Quick Subpanel or search for "subpanel".

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