It has been an amazing summer season in Europe with everybody enjoying vacation time in July and August.

Here at Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd (VIPL) everybody has been busy helping customers with our 24X7 support, answering their questions on the many extensions we have built.

We have written this blog post to share about one of those extensions: Dynamic Panels. Below we outline its power and how SuiteCRM Users and customers are realizing a Return on Investment.

We dug into the numbers to see how well users are finding value in Dynamic Panel and found that 62% are staying on after the trial is over which is exceptional.


Now, let us dig into why that is and how Dynamic Panels are useful for you as a SuiteCRM user.

Before showing you the advantage of the Dynamic Panel extension I would like to share a real world use-case for it.

How Dynamic Panels Help Commercial Loan Providers

We are working with customer who is offering Commercial Loans to various industries.

The company offers various loan “Products” depending on the industry's size. Each Product type has their own set of data to be displayed. It would be confusing and overwhelming to show all data for all products at all times. To narrow that down to just the data that matters the “Loan Type” field would be monitored for any changes. When a Loan Type gets selected the appropriate fields and panels inside the Lead/Contact/Account modules, and many other modules, would hide or show to narrow it down to only what the user needs.

If this were to be done without Dynamic Panels it would require many, many hours of customer development work which would add more cost and risk to the company.

On another note, Dynamic Panel will allow you to Show or Hide Panels on any record view as well as Show OR Hide fields. The panels will show or hide based on the “Drop Down” field that you configure in the settings area.


Many industries can benefit from these features. For example:

Healthcare - Show/Hide Panels or Fields on patient forms based on the selection of Type of Disease.

Automobile - Show/Hide Panels or Fields to display specific vehicle parts based on the selection of Type of Vehicle

Finance & Banking Industry - manage panels or fields for various forms related to insurance, mortgage & banking sectors for customer’s Loan/Saving accounts.

There are many more advantages of Dynamic Panels for SuiteCRM users & customers.

See for yourself by starting a 30 day trial for the Dynamic Panel extension.

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