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Hassle Free Dropdown Editing With QDropdowns

Posted by on January 16, 2019

Whether you need to make wholesale changes to your lists, slightly reorder them, or just a quick edit, this new add-on by Infospectrum makes it a breeze.

Besides the ability to export and import lists, drag and drop reordering, and the click to edit functionality you can also assign lists to specific users who can then manage just those lists themselves. Saves delays and headaches for CRM administrators.

Highlevel Overview

Quick Dropdowns allows administrators and authorized users to create and quickly edit and populate dropdowns.

QDropdowns Editor

The new editor makes managing lists a breeze.

Dropdown List Editor in SuiteCRM


  • One-click exporting and importing
  • Works with standard and custom dropdowns
  • Works with any language
  • Reorder with drag and drop
  • One-click editing for creating, deleting, or updating list items
  • Assign users to specific lists to self-administer

To learn more about this solution go to Quick Dropdowns or search for "dropdowns".

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