Highlevel Overview

Using the SuiteCRM Fields Calculation add-on by Taction Software, you and your team can easily create business logic for CRM field calculations without needing to write custom code. You can select a calculated field and create the formula that is automatically updated based on the calculation you provide. Check out just a few of the key product features below:

Key Product Features

  • Automate your manual calculations used in your business production
  • Create a field in your formula for dynamic calculations
  • Dozens of available functions
  • Calculation on related fields
  • Many date functions
  • A rich conditional support we provide: you can make a big calculation here, a nested formula
  • You can insert manual value or Field, or both together to create a formula. For e.g. add(field1,200,sub(100,field2))
  • You can use calculated field also to make further formula

How it Works

To see full examples, visit the product listing page.

Go to Studio -> 'Module' -> Add Fields -> Select 'Data Type' : Calculated Field


Click ‘Edit Formula’ to write your formula


Result of the above formula


Calculate Percentage


Result of Percentage Formula


Calculate Date Difference


Result of Date Difference


To learn more about this solution, go to SuiteCRM Fields Calculation or search "field calculation" on the marketplace.

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