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The WhatsApp Integration enables SuiteCRM users to get WhatsApp messages right in the CRM. Sales and support teams can save time and stay in the loop with customer communications right from the CRM.

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Stay updated with incoming WhatsApp messages right in your SuiteCRM

Save your time, now you do not need to switch to another platform. WhatsApp Integration allows you to find out about new WhatsApp messages from your customers without leaving the CRM. New module will store message history and you will always be up to date.

Features of WhatsApp Integration:

  • Receive messages from your WhatsApp business account to your SuiteCRM
  • Set suitable auto response on client’s messages
  • Send outgoing messages to your clients direclty from CRM
  • Get WhatsApp messages logs on client's page (on Account, Contact and Lead detail view)

How it Works

The module make integration with WhatsApp via ofiicial WhatsApp partner - Twilio.

1. All WhatsApp messages in your SuiteCRM

You can find all messages in new WhatsApp module:


Each message is fixed as a separate record in this add-on. We are ready to make any custom modifications for your special needs. One of the possible solutions is an online WhatsApp chat right from the CRM.

If you are interested in this, please contact or andrew.uymin in Skype.

2. Custom auto response

The special “auto response template” setting in the Twilio WhatsApp configuration allows you to set your own auto response for client messages:


Telegram Integration

It is also possible to modify this module for integration with Telegram. If you are interested in this, please contact us via email or Skype andrew.uymin.

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