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Tracks failed and successful logins. Captures remote IP address, typed username and user agent string.

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This login tracking module sits at the entrance to your SuiteCRM instance, monitoring login events. A login audit record is created for each attempt, successful or otherwise.

In this way you can monitor brute force attempts, track logins to assess user adoption and enhance visibility of Suite activity.

How does it work?

At each login, logic fires to capture the typed username, the source IP address and the user agent of the user's browser. If the login is successful, the user is also linked to the record.

Can I update or delete login records?

It is not possible to update login records, and they can only be created by system logic. Normal users cannot delete the records. However, administrators are able to delete.


Key Features

  • Tracks both successful and failed logins
  • Logs the User Agent (by default, can be disabled in settings)
  • Transparently logs the source ip even if your Suite system sits behind a load balancer
  • Locked down so only the system can create records, and editing is disabled
  • Reportable


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