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If you want to give users access to some admin modules but not all admin functionality then Superuser Access is right for you. Give users the ability to edit dropdown lists, configure plugins, or manage user roles but without giving them the ability to install/upgrade. You can set which admin modules users have access to.

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Super User Access gives designated users access to parts of the Admin section. For example, you might need to allow a user edit rights to the dropdown editor but do not wish to grant the user rights to install new modules. Without the Super User Access component it would not be possible to grant admin rights but restrict certain areas of the Admin section.

You may be a cloud CRM service provider that wants to restrict customer access to many admin areas and you wish to provide development and configuration services directly. In this situation you could hide Studio, Module Loader, Module Builder, Display Modules & Subpanels, Email Settings, etc. from these 'admin' users and manage these elements on their behalf.


Once installed and the access is defined, simply set "admin rights" to any Users. When they log in they will have access to the admin area and will only see the admin options you have chosen to be visible.


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