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Share, access and collaborate on all your Box content within SuiteCRM with RT SugarBox! This SuiteCRM plugin makes content management and collaboration possible for your users.

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Share, access and collaborate on all your documents

Access, share, track and manage Box content directly from within SuiteCRM, ensuring that your sales teams have the latest content to share with leads and customers. This plugin also facilitates you in making collaborations with other users all the more easier.

Making content management and collaboration easier and better for users.

RT SugarBox is a plugin proposed as a data syncing solution between SuiteCRM and services. With a simple interface and great features, this Integration eliminates the need of send content back and forth with updated revisions. With RT SugarBox, you can edit documents and sign contracts using Box’s tools right from within SuiteCRM.

Bi-directional content syncing

Access, share, track and manage Box content directly from within SuiteCRM, ensuring that your sales teams have the latest content to share with leads and customers. With Box and SuiteCRM integrated together, manage all documents and upload content to and from SuiteCRM. Create shared workspaces within SuiteCRM to collaborate with team members, customers etc.

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Box Dashlet within SuiteCRM

On list view or record view pages of sugar’s modules (Only mapped with modules), user can create custom dashlets to view related folder directory in an embedded iframe. User can upload files directly from this iframe both manually or drag-and-drop file.

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Box Configuration made easier

Integrate your account with your SuiteCRM system. This can be done directly from within SuiteCRM. Through the administration section, just add in your credentials and you are all set to go!

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Mapping of Modules & fields with Box folders

RT SugarBox facilitates you in mapping SuiteCRM modules and fields to any Box directory. You will also be able to add and delete multiple mappings as well. So when you sync documents, they get mapped onto the assigned box directories.

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Real time updates with SuiteCRM Activity Streams notifications will be enabled in SuiteCRM activity stream. You will be able to View content status updates directly from your SuiteCRM activity streams. Track the uploads, deletions, mappings etc. onto Box directly from the activity streams.

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Collaborations made easier

Invite teams and other users to collaborate on the mapped box directories. Furthermore, you will be able to handle roles and permissions to assign to the collaborators on the shared content.

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Fabulous service and excellent product! I have been using RT SugarBox since day one and it makes accessing files from different devices a breeze! Haven’t come across any issues with downtime or other problems of that sort.

Claire Laigne RT SugarBox 4.5 star rating

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