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Give your CRM users the ability to convert Quotes and create Invoices in Xero. Quick2Xero enhances Advanced OpenSales. Bi-directional synchronisation of Invoices. Keep track of which customers owe money, which invoices have been paid or credited. Quick2Xero saves you time by removing double entry and improves customer service.

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Turn your CRM Quotes into Xero Invoices at a push of a button. Synchronize your Accounts, Inventory and Invoices. In CRM, keep track of who has paid and who hasn't by synchronizing Xero payment history. Let your sales team send Xero invoices to customers through CRM without the need to give sales people access to Xero.

SuiteCRM Xero


  1. Synchronizes Tax rates from Xero to CRM
  2. Synchronizes Currencies from Xero to CRM
  3. Synchronizes Chart of Accounts from your Xero to CRM
  4. Synchronizes Xero Contacts to and from CRM (Accounts and Contacts)
  5. Synchronizes Xero inventory to and from CRM (Products)
  6. Synchronizes Sales & Purchase Invoices to and from Xero (AOS Invoices)
  7. Synchronizes Payment and Credit Note history and status from Xero to CRM
  8. For CRM Accounts you can set default Tax rates
  9. For CRM Products you can set default Tax rates
  10. Schedulers created for automating the transfer of data on a regular schedule, including:
    a) Create invoices in Xero from data added to CRM from external sources (e.g. direct data feed into CRM database from Iris Fees ledger)
    b) Import new and updated Xero Invoices into CRM
    c) Import new and updated Xero Contacts into CRM
    d) Import new and updated Xero Inventory into CRM
  11. Flexible field mappings facility in Admin. Pick which of your custom fields connect to fields in Xero
  12. Streamlined Line Items in Quotes and Invoices - unnecessary fields removed
  13. Flexible invoice number options gives you the choice of whether to use Xero or CRM for automatic invoice number generation

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Quick2Xero - SuiteCRM Xero Invoice

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