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Send emails to Accounts, Contacts, Leads or to related Opportunity records with ease with Quick2Email. Quick2Email sends straight from the listview or detailview. Just pick an email template and optionally attach a merged PDF template (with v3.0!) and send in just a few clicks of your mouse.

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Quick2Email adds a new feature to the SuiteCRM Action Menus that makes it quick and easy to email.

For example, let's say you are looking at a list of sales Opportunities and you have an email you want to send to all Decision Makers where sales stage is "Hot". This can be done in less than 5 clicks of your mouse button.

Here's how you'd do it:

  1. From the opportunities list view, select each Opportunity you want to email
  2. On the Action menu select Quick2Email
  3. You're prompted to pick an Email Template from a dropdown list. Pick one.
  4. On the same prompt window pick which Contact "Role" to send to. Pick either "Primary", "Finance" or "Admin" Role
  5. Click Send Email button.

You're done!

Each contact related to the selected Opportunities will receive a personalised email and a history item will be generated and linked to the contacts.

In fact we went much further enabling you to insert opportunity merge fields into the Email Template. A feature not currently possible in SuiteCRM!

Note: Primary, Finance and Admin Roles are defined by using simple relate fields to determine up to three different Contacts roles for each Account and/or Opportunity. For example, a Contact could be the finance and administrative contact at an Account and therefore when sending an mass email to a selection of Accounts/Opportunities you can be sure that the email will be sent to the correct contact.

Need to see it in action? Watch this short 90 second video

And NEW in Version 3.0 - PDF Editing and Merging!
Anyone that has ever tried to mailmerge a PDF file and attach it to an email will know that this process in SuiteCRM is clunky. But not with Quick2Email! This YouTube demonstration shows just how easy the process is with Quick2Email.

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