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With the Plivo Integration, your sales and support teams can easily make outgoing calls to any phone number in SuiteCRM, in one simple click. Boost your call performance without the need to manually copy and paste phone numbers to your softphone system.

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Add click-to-call functionality to your SuiteCRM

Plivo is a communications platform that enables businesses to connect, engage and interact with their customers. It simplifies the notorious complexity of telecom by offering simple and enterprise grade building blocks. The Plivo Integration for SuiteCRM combines the ease of click-to-call with your CRM records, so you can spend less time setting up calls and more time on important customer outreach.

Features of Plivo Integration

  1. Click-to-call from SuiteCRM
  2. Call log to SuiteCRM
  3. Relationship added so users can view in subpanel
  4. Calls are logged with recording

How it Works

IMPORTANT NOTE: First, make sure your SuiteCRM is running on https. And country code is compulsory before number for example if number is USA (202-555-0137) then add 1 before any number (1202-555-0137).

Plivo Integration creates click-to-call functionality within your SuiteCRM platform. Look for the phone icon, which will appear in all the phone fields. This icon is shown in List View and Detail View, as shown in the configurations below.

List View


Detail View


Click-to-call pop-up: save your call description here


Call log with recording


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