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MTS Theme Builder is a tool that helps you customize themes for your SuiteCRM system. There’s no code needed to create a professional theme with unique colors that works best for you and your team.

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Create your own SuiteCRM theme, no coding needed!

Since SuiteR theme was removed in the list of themes for SuiteCRM, you cannot customize a theme for your CRM like you would want. You are only able to choose one of the listed themes provided by SuiteCRM. So, we developed this add-on to help you create a unique and professional theme for your team’s best CRM experience.

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Key features

  • Support for SuiteCRM version v7.10 or above
  • Unlimited custom themes, unlimited users
  • Can customize navbar, menu, sidebar, button, textbox, panel, etc.
  • Can be based from list of themes provided by SuiteCRM

How it Works

To use this add-on your SuiteCRM version must v7.10 or above. If you are using pre v7.10, please upgrade to v7.10.x or above to use. If you are looking for a guide to upgrade SuiteCRM. you can reference this guide: Upgrade SuiteCRM to newer version


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ListView, Sidebar, Menu

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