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With the Live Dropdowns add-on, you can easily perfect your SuiteCRM dropdowns and dynamic dropdowns management. Get quick features like live-adding new values in dropdowns in EditView, merge existing values under Admin panel, drag and drop values to create dynamic dropdowns, and more.

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Gain better control and quickly enhance your SuiteCRM dropdowns

Dropdown-type fields are a superior way to enter data in your SuiteCRM forms. Selecting the value from a list instead of entering text in the field is both a time-saving and error-preventing method.

Currently, when there is not a proper value in the list and you need to add a new value, it is a long and complicated process to adjust. For example, the user must have Admin permissions, leave the record they are using, and follow many steps, which is very annoying. The Live Dropdowns add-on by MokasIT is an excellent tool created specifically for dropdown list management.

How it Works

When a proper value isn't in the dropdown list, you can choose to enter a new value directly in the same form you are working in. Below the dropdown field, you will see a new text field for entering a new value. From there, the new text will be added to the current record and will also be available in the dropdown list moving forward. If users add a few values with similar meanings in the dropdown list, an Admin can easily merge them in the Merge Dropdowns window.

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Managing Dynamic Dropdowns

Another powerful but hard-to-manage function of SuiteCRM are fields within dynamic dropdowns. They are unchangeable when tree-structured hierarchical information is needed, for example, car manufacturer and car model fields. Using the Live Dropdowns add-on, you have an easy solution to fill your dynamic dropdown lists as well.

Visualization is critical for dynamic dropdown users. Dynamic dropdown field values are in a tree-shaped diagram, where they could be merged and transferred from one branch to another. If you actively use SuiteCRM dynamic dropdowns functionality, the Live Dropdowns add-on is a must-have tool for your team.



Live Dropdowns add-on gives you powerful perfection in SuiteCRM dropdowns and dynamic dropdown management!

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