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In today's world Google is the most preferred quick-login option to many apps/platforms. This plugin allows a SuiteCRM user to directly login with their Google ID which removes the need to remember yet another username and password. Simply click on Login with Google. The user must exist in SuiteCRM with the google email address.

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Google Login/Sign Up with SuiteCRM

This plugin is used to login or sign up into suitecrm with google email address instead of normal suitecrm user credentials. No need to remember suitecrm user credentials.

If a user is already logged into their Google account and they click on Login with Google they will be logged in automatically. If not, then a popup will appear to prompt the user to log into Google first.

- Two step login verification via Google and Suite CRM
- Control secure access via blocking unwanted id's any where either on Google or on suite CRM
- Sign Up Functionality

Login Page:


Select Account:


If Account is not exist in CRM


If you configure additional features, It will also provide you sign up facility in CRM


In few simple click, you can login/signup into CRM.

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