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Find duplicate records by names, any phone numbers, and email-address from modules like Account, Contacts, Leads. This add-on helps you to quickly find and merge any duplicate records in your CRM.

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Data cleansing or data cleaning is the process of detecting and correcting (or removing) duplicate or inaccurate records from the database and refers to identifying incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate data and then modifying, or merging the coarse data.

Find duplicate records easily and properly fix it

Duplicate rows can cause all sorts of problems with your data analysis. For example, it is hard to properly segment your customers by size when the sales data is spread between multiple duplicates, hiding their true purchase volume.

That’s why we recommend using this add-on, which is designed to help you quickly find and merge duplicate records.

How to find duplicates

Goto the administrator panel and click on Check the Duplicate records. It will show the filter for for searching the duplicate records. Select the module and field then Click on Seach. [ below image searched the duplicates on Account > Email address ]


Merge the Duplicate Records

Once you get the list of records then click on checkbox of particular records for merging. You can also go to that particular record on clicking on Name link.


Just Click on the Merge Records button so it will redirect to CRM Merge records layout.


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  • "It is very useful if you have multiple entry of lead information over the time, which causes a possibility of multiple similar leads/ accounts/ conta..." - euroviewinc

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