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Import to Dropdown Fields helps users manage large data sets that need to be imported to dropdown fields for modules of SuiteCRM. For example, if you have a country dropdown and you need to add entries for all countries, it would take hours to add that data. This plugin saves time by allowing users to bulk import data using the "Import to Dropdown Fields" extension.

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Tired of adding too many values to dropdown fields?

If yes, we've developed solutions for managing imports to dropdown fields with the following features:

  • Import from CSV
  • Import values to dropdown fields of any modules
  • Handle duplication


This plugin helps your teams quickly import dropdown values.


SuiteCRM Compatibility Features

  • Compatible with SuiteCRM 7.0+ versions
  • Works with all SuiteCRM Modules
  • Configurable with Standard & Custom SuiteCRM Fields
  • Intuitive Configuration panel allowing multiple steps setup
  • 100% Modular (Does not modify SuiteCRM core files)

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