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The Custom Filter add-on for SuiteCRM allows you to filter and search for desired records from the total list of records, plus save and display the Custom Filter search separately in the module. Create complex filters to find specific records to assign to different sales reps and much more.

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Custom Filter creates a practical way to quickly find the records you truly need

Excellent tool for sales teams and assigning customers or leads

Custom Filter helps you quickly filter all the SuiteCRM records in a particular territory and assign those records to your sales agent in that same territory.


Helps with complicated searches with many conditions

For example, if any user wants to find records from the list of records with complex conditions like:
- Records modified “Today” AND - Records Assigned to “X user” AND - Record Status is “Hot” AND - Record “Lead Amount” > $1000

Custom Filter is the best solution for displaying lists with predefined filters, especially as a daily function to help teams find and sort through records.


Custom Filter works on any modules with option to create filter on any record list with: - All conditions - Any conditions



  • Quickly and easily filter/search the records from the list of records which you are looking for in a module
  • Set AND/OR condition between fields from the Configuration page
  • Set public/private access of Custom Filter in Configuration page
  • Custom Filter display on List View of module if it’s enabled for a particular module from Configuration page
  • Displays the custom tab on Dashboard/Home if “Activate Custom Filter For Dashboard” is enabled
  • Change the custom tab name from Configuration page
  • Send selected filter to the Dashboard/Home as key metrics or charts view by clicking on the “Send to Dashboard” button from List View of particular module
  • Chart type such as line chart, bar chart, pie chart, stacked bar chart, funnel chart
  • From the key metrics widget on a dashboard, If you click on the filter name then it’ll redirect to the particular module’s List View and display the matched record with filter
  • From the chart widget on a dashboard, If you click on the count then it’ll redirect to the particular module’s List View and display the matched record with filter
  • Supports all standard and custom SuiteCRM modules

Database Compatibility


Easy to install and set up

Learn more about how it works in our User Guide

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