BV Custom Alert

( From the Labs)

by Brainvire Infotech Pvt. Ltd

Very useful tool for your CRM. Custom Alert is design in such a way that you can enable or disable the CRM notification on module level. we have given the module level settings for that.

Brainvire provides an effective solution and service with the SuiteCRM and Custom Notification Plugin.

Your SuiteCRM will give you alert for the Calls, Meetings, Tasks, etc modules. You can configure list of modules for the custom alert. You can disable the module for an alert at any time.

Admin/Module Level Settings


Module level settings, Just drag and drop the modules which you want to used for the notifcations.


Alert Notification


Once you click on that notification then it will redirect into that specific record.

Please note that this notification is not going to work with custom modules so if you want to include the custom modules then please reach us at any time.