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Create personalized, focused cold emails (or newsletters) that connect with each lead and land in their inboxes, powered by ChatGPT 4. Set up delivery for when your potential clients are active during their workday and in their time zone. Automate your sales outreach to increase revenue. Compatible with SuiteCRM 8.x and 7.x versions.

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Write and send AI-powered cold emails from SuiteCRM

Email marketing still has the highest ROI in 2024, but it needs innovation. The same script doesn't work anymore; your emails need to be more personal and authentic. Each email should be tailored to the specific lead you are targeting to get their attention and start building a relationship.

AI Email Generator for SuiteCRM is the helper every Account Executive needs

It can write convincing cold emails that land in the inbox and close the lead.


Businesses are transforming: the ones who adopt AI have a competitive advantage over others.

This plugin is a first step towards an AI Account Executive.

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Automated Follow Ups

It sends reminder emails every week until it gets you a positive reply.

Scheduled Sending

It not just writes personalized emails, it also sends them at the office hours of the regions you are targeting.

Use StackImagine to not only enhance your sales fourfold but also secure a competitive advantage.

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