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#2806 - Languages on login page

Open General Question created by damir.skenderovic a year ago

Hi there,

I have tried plugin and looks quite useful.
Anyway, I use more than one language I'm my SuiteCRM instance but I cannot get language selection on login page, when I activate plugin...
Does this plugin supports multi-language?

Thanks in advance for your help

Damir SKenderovic

  1. lotz98 member avatar


    3 months ago

    I am facing the same situation and I guess, since the first post is over a year old, there is not much hope that this gets fixed...?

    • Smackcoders member avatar

      Smackcoders Provider

      3 months ago

      Hi lotz98,
      what is the issue? can you explain in detail? Also you can email support at smackcoders.com for assistance, we can fix and make it work for you. Looking forward for your detailed email

    • lotz98 member avatar


      3 months ago

      When one has more than one language pack installed, a language selector shows on the standard login screen of SuiteCRM. When using the White Label Login Page plugin, the language selector is gone.

      PS. I already opened a ticket with you Muthukumar on July 13th, 2021 and was told that this is being worked on, but have not heard back since then.
      Hopefully this can be fixed soon.
      Thank you very much for giving this your attention.

  2. Smackcoders member avatar

    Smackcoders Provider

    2 months ago


    The reported problem is resolved and the new package is updated in the store. Kindly visit the below page and download the latest module

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