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Line Items in your Opportunity are used to record the products and/or services that your prospective customer may be interested in buying. You can add as many more as needed and you can modify the values and quantities as you learn more about the Opportunity.

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#4960 - Cancelling purschade

Closed General Question created by alexandre 10 months ago

Hi there, Cannot cancel my trial period.Could you please help me on that purpose? Many thanks, Alexandre

  1. urdhvatech member avatar

    Urdhva Tech Provider Affiliate

    10 months ago

    Hello, Thank you for contacting us. Go to Contact us page of the store and you will have dropdown with option Request Refund. Then store will process it accordingly.

    Thanks & Regards, Team Urdhva Tech

  2. alexandre member avatar


    10 months ago


    Here is the module that I would like to cancel the current trial. Could you please advise ?

    • LinkedIn Leads for SuiteCRM
    • Opportunity Line Item
    • Kanban Views
    • MTS Subpanel Toggle
    • Relate Quickview
    • Sales Forecast & Quota
    • Accounts Global View
    • MTS Related Record Preview
    • MTS Theme Builder
    • Dynamic Boards

    Many thanks, Alexandre

    • urdhvatech member avatar

      Urdhva Tech Provider Affiliate

      10 months ago

      Please reach to the

      Thanks & Regards, Team Urdhva Tech

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