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Line Items in your Opportunity are used to record the products and/or services that your prospective customer may be interested in buying. You can add as many more as needed and you can modify the values and quantities as you learn more about the Opportunity.

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#2206 - Additional Fields

In Progress General Question created by stevel Verified Purchase one month ago

Hi there,

We've recently purchased and installed "Opportunity Line Item". We're just wondering how you go about adding additional fields to both the Edit View and Detail View sections?

Any guidance appreciated as you don't appear to be able to do this via the Studio?

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    urdhvatech Provider Affiliate

    one month ago


    Thank you for contacting us. Yes, By default you cannot add additional fields in line item weather it is Opportunity Line Item, Or Quote Line Item or Invoice Line item. For that it needs to be customized.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Team Urdhva Tech

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