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#1923 - Does this addon work for 7.7.6 version and suite7 theme?

In Progress General Question created by kothasravani 10 months ago

Does this addon work for 7.7.6 version and suite7 theme?

  1. shad member avatar

    Jackal Software Provider Affiliate

    10 months ago


    I haven't run into any exceptions where the add-on didn't work but I have not tested on the Suite7 theme. The methods of implementation we are using have been use going back well before then so I can't think of any reason it wouldn't.

    Did you run into any issues when testing the product?

  2. kothasravani member avatar


    9 months ago

    Hello Jackal, I tested on 7.10 version of suitecrm when took the trail.. not sure whether it works with 7.7.6 version and suite7 theme so posted a question over here as few plugins are not giving support to suite7 theme ex. history timeline plugin from the store... I have gone through documents and saw that you are using fixer api for getting latest conversion rates.. so do we need to purchase the fixer api also?

  3. shad member avatar

    Jackal Software Provider Affiliate

    9 months ago

    Hello, Thanks for the clarification. I don't expect any issues with the Suite7 theme since this add-on uses a connector instead of manipulating the view.

    As part of the subscription for our add-on we cover the Fixer API costs. We monitor it to make sure there is plenty of bandwidth. If you decide to try the add-on again I'll reach out to get an estimated usage based on the number of users to make sure there won't be any issues.

    Thank you

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