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Track user activities and log IP addresses effortlessly in SuiteCRM. Ensure compliance, gain valuable insights, and foster accountability for optimized workflows.

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Seamless user activity tracking and IP address logging for SuiteCRM

The User Activity and IP Tracker add-on goes beyond basic monitoring, offering detailed insights into user activities within the SuiteCRM environment. Additionally, the solution features an automatic logout function for idle systems, plus a concurrent logout function to enhance security further.

Key Product Features

  1. Track User Login: Monitor and log user login activities within SuiteCRM

  2. Track User Logout: Keep a record of user logout events for comprehensive user activity tracking

  3. Logout Reason Option: Customize logout experiences by providing administrators with the option to select a reason when logging out users

  4. Automatic Logout if System is Idle: Enhance security with an automatic logout feature if the system is idle

  5. Concurrent Logout for a User: Ensure security by allowing concurrent logout for a specific user

  6. Capture User IP Address: Record the IP address associated with each user login for enhanced security and restrict user activity logging to specific IP addresses

How it Works

User Activity Module:


Upon login, the module captures the name, login time, date, and IP address of the user.



Upon logging out, a popup will appear, prompting the user to select a reason for logging out. The popup includes predefined options for quick selection, and an "Others" option opens a description box for users to provide a manual reason.


The module will capture the logout time, selected logout reason and any additional description provided by the user.


Automatic Logout

The system will automatically log out the user if they are idle for more than 10 minutes, and it will capture the logout time and reason as "System Idle" in the User Activity module.


Concurrent Logout for a User

Upon logout, a checkbox will be available with the option to log out from other devices as well. When this checkbox is selected, the user will be logged out from all other devices simultaneously.


Capture User IP Address and Restriction

In the user module, there is a field named "Allowed IP Address" where you can enter the specific IP address from which the user will be able to log in to SuiteCRM.


If the current IP address does not match the allowed IP address, then the user will not be able to log in.


Wrong IP Address


Note: Admin will be able to login from any IP Address.

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