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Know exactly what your employees are doing in SuiteCRM. This User Activity module tracks each user's activity on several different SuiteCRM modules. Track and report on activity across multiple modules in a single report.

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Monitor SuiteCRM Users

We've seen it time and time again. You want a single report to see what your users are doing in SuiteCRM. The problem is that out-of-the-box you can only create an activity report for a single module. This makes it hard to get a true, full picture of what your users are doing.

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Enter User Activity Analysis

With User Activity Analysis you can record the activity for many different modules and then generate a single report and get exact insight into every day usage.

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  • Monitors User Activity on different modules.
  • You can configure on what modules you want to track activity.
  • Links to the parent record.
  • Displays whether the record was updated or created.
  • Behaves like any SuiteCRM custom module and so we can create any reports or dashlets.

User Activity List

Userwise Activity LIst

Userwise Report

Userwise Activity Report

Use Community Edition (CE)?

Just go to the User Activity module to see a complete list of all activity in SuiteCRM. Want to generate reports on this data like you can as a Pro user? Check out some of the reporting solutions available here on SugarOutfitters.

NOTE: Works great with On-Demand.

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We are there to make the customized version of the addon with some additional charges.

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