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Recover deleted data from CRM with Trash Bin for SuiteCRM. It restores data from different modules that you or your users have deleted. SuiteCRM Trash Bin stores all types of deleted records from your CRM. If you ever need to retrive deleted data, you can do so easily from the Trash Bin.

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Trash Bin For SuiteCRM

Data is the utmost important entity in every business. There are chances when one might lose an important piece of data. Losing any crucial data is as significant as a business loss. Hence with Trash Bin for SuiteCRM, one does not have to worry about recovering any deleted data as it will be available in the Trash Bin. It acts as an archive for all your deleted records from the CRM and helps users to restore them when required.

Product Features of SuiteCRM Trash Bin

  • Configure Trash Bin Modules.
  • Restore deleted records from Trash Bin.
  • Records can be recovered for default as well as custom modules of SuiteCRM.
  • Auto Delete Trash Bin.
  • Get Reminder Notifications before auto delete process.
  • Restrict Trash Bin Actions.

User Benefits of SuiteCRM Trash Bin

  • Restore deleted records easily.
  • User can keep track of deleted/restored records along with the reason for its deletion/restoration.
  • User gets reminder notifications before auto delete process.
  • It works for built-in as well as custom modules in SuiteCRM.

1. Manage Auto Delete process for Trash Bin.png

2. Configure Modules for Trash Bin.png

3. Restrict Trash Bin Actions.png

4. Delete Records With Reason From List View.png

5. Delete Record With Reason From Detail View.png

6. Specify Reason For Deletion.png

7. Restore or Permanently Delete records from Trash Bin.png

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