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With Time Off and Attendance Ninja, your employees can request time off in CRM, while you can report on the amount of time each employee takes off.

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Do you want the ability to track the amount of time your employees take off from work? Do you want to have that information stored in CRM, and have the ability to visually report on this data? With Time Off and Attendance Ninja, you can track your employees attendance at work and look at the amount of time off they requested for various activities.

Key Features:

  • Track time off in a timecard in SuiteCRM.
  • Track time off for Jury Duty, Vacation, Personal Time, Bereavement, Sick, Unpaid Time Off, and Other
  • Visually report on the data inputted into the module.

Screenshots of Time Off and Attendance Ninja:

Create a Timecard in the Time Off and Attendance Ninja:

Capture attendance in SuiteCRM

Add Timeoff Data:

Track time in SuiteCRM

View Timeoff Data:

View time off data in SuiteCRM

Report of the Data:

Time and Attendance Monthly Report in SuiteCRM

Hours Consumption Report in SuiteCRM

Hours Split by Timecard Report in SuiteCRM

Time off by Employee Report in SuiteCRM

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