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Offer your employees a personalized SuiteCRM login page with SuiteCRM Dynamic login screen plugin. They can customize it to set images and quotes. This does not require any additional settings from your side. Just install the plugin and you can offer a fun login page.

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Like many other businesses we surveyed, are you also bored of seeing the same login page for your SuiteCRM installation? Do you want to have your very own login page?

At AppJetty, we have addressed this pain point of businesses using SuiteCRM through Dynamic Login Screen Pro. Though not anything that you can’t do without, it's a nice little plugin to have. Especially since it gives you a chance to motivate your employees by showing them motivational quotes along with custom designed login page backgrounds. And the best part, you can add as many quotes or background images as you want.

Why Opt for Dynamic Login Screen Pro

  • It will make you SuiteCRM login page more attractive and appealing.
  • It will give your CRM users something to look forward to every time they login to their CRM system.

Need an Enticing and Appealing SuiteCRM Login Screen?

With the pro version of SuiteCRM Dynamic login screen, admin can offer a customized login screen with an overwhelming look and appeal. With the extended set of images and motivational quotes, Dynamic Login Screen makes the SuiteCRM software solution highly enticing. In addition to this, there are several impressive features making this plugin more reliable. Check the extended list of features helping SuiteCRM solution owners to receive desired ROI.

Satisfy the Shifting Taste and Trend with Dynamic Login Screen – A SuiteCRM Plugin The ever changing market trends require a rejuvenated feel for accessing SuiteCRM software solution. Forget the boring and monotonous login screen with entirely new and playful plugin for SuiteCRM users. This software tool allows you to offer your users an enthusiastic and vibrant login screens.

Add the Set of your Favorite Images for Attractive Login Front end Upload unlimited images and designs in the image slider for rotational display, which will keep on moving in the background. The sequential image display is user friendly offering extensive user experience.

The Group of Inspirational Quotes will make your Users’ Day Adding, editing and removing the inspirational quotes for displaying on the login screen is a simple task. Admin can manage the quotes to-be displayed on the login screen. These quotes keep on changing (changes every time the login page is refreshed) given the selected quote category.


Our Users Love It!

We like this one a lot. It's not a huge productivity booster or anything but it works well and looks good. Our people all work remotely, and being able to connect a little at the start of each day with a photo and/or quote that unites us and reminds us we're not alone is a real benefit.

Mark - Floristware

Impeccable Benefits this Exclusive SuiteCRM Plugin Offers

  • Outstanding image display with continuous rotation.
  • Numerous quotes displayed from various categories.
  • Easy and user friendly plugin solution.
  • Personalized login screen for users.
  • Simple and efficient addition of quotes and images.
  • Better look and feel of the login screen.

Get the amazingly built SuiteCRM plugin with dynamic images at the background of the login screen with the set of inspirational quotes on the top of the screen for extensive user experience.

Industry Applications

Get flexible technology framework options to create your own portal depending on your existing platform or industry. Given below are some possible industry applications.


Customer centric business processes is one of the key success factors in the retail industry be it offline retail or online retail. With our customer portal you can provide your customers options for order tracking, managing returns, post complains, provide product feedback, access FAQs, access shipping, return and refund policies and whole lot more.


Educational institutions can use our portal to provide better service and grievance redressal system for their students and parents. If you are in the education industry, you can create separate or combined portals for students and parents and provide timely class/exam/fee related updates, manage student/parent queries, fix up appointment for parent meetings, reach out to interested parents, etc.


BFSI is another industry where customer service is a major determinant of business profitability. With our portal solution your customers can get all their grievances addressed much faster, get relevant information for opening various accounts and maintaining them, get all the information about various financial products, track their transaction history, etc.

Real Estate

Real estate industry is heavily dependent on exchange of confidential information with customers. Our portal can be a great way to do this. Create an online hub for all confidential customer documents, provide property development updates, track EMI payments and pending installments, offer discounts and promote promotions schemes – all can be done securely with our Customer Portal solution.


Travel agents and tour operators can manage all communication with their customers easily and securely with our Customer Portal. Manage customer queries during the entire service lifecycle, provide tour iteneraries and updates (change in schedule), manage payment details, handle special customer requests, upsell, cross sell products, etc.

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