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Do customer support with your customers with SMS and Text Messaging right from SuiteCRM.

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What is SMS Customer Support Ninja for SuiteCRM?

This add on enables you to connect SuiteCRM with Twilio to bring many customer support benefits for your business and its customers. Combining the powerful Text API of Twilio and Suite CRM enables you to communicate directly with your customers and prospects directly through text messaging. According to several studies, text messaging has over a 98% open rate, and a 45% response rate. This level engagement will improve the efficiency with supporting your customers, while improving their customer satisfaction. Sending bulk SMS Message campaigns allows you to reach hundreds of customers via mobile phones with just a click of 1 button. This is ideal for alerts and notifications.

Key Features:

  • Send Text Messages through Twilio from SuiteCRM to your Leads, and Contacts.
  • Send mass text messages for text for alerts and notifications.
  • Get all inbound and outbound communications logged centrally in SuiteCRM.
  • Report on all inbound and outbound text communications right within SuiteCRM.
  • See all incoming messages from your customers.

Support customers anytime, anywhere

  • Don’t make your customers wait on hold
  • Empower your customers to access support without them having to call and wait on hold. Improve customer satisfaction by enabling them to create tickets and interact with you via SMS.
  • Resolve issues faster
  • Support customers on the go

SMS Chat Window

A Responsive SMS Chat Window to Directly Text Message Your Contacts directly in SuiteCRM

Bulk SMS

Send Bulk SMS Messages to Multiple Contacts & Leads

Bulk SMS Screenshot.JPG


SMS Log to Review all inbound and outbound communications with customers


Visual Reports

Run Advanced Reports to Track SMS Effectiveness

SMS Effectiveness Report.JPG

Pie Chart SMS Status Report Text Status Bar Chart.JPG

Full Insight into All Inbound Communications

See all inbound text messages received from your customers in 1 place SMS Inbound Report.JPG

Compatible with SuiteCRM Filters

Run Advanced Filters in SuiteCRM to Track Text Message Campaign Effectiveness

Advanced Filters.JPG

Responsive & Compatible with all Mobile Devices

iPad Simulator.JPG

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