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Integrates SuiteCRM with Mandrill for all CRM based mailing purposes

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MailChimp style at Mandrill costs - integrated with your customer data

The Mandrill plugin turns your SuiteCRM into a fully featured E-Mail delivery system, saving you time and costs compared to the usage of MailChimp. And it gives you a best of both worlds approach by enabling you to use MailChimp templates for your SuiteCRM mailings at no additional cost.


Professional mailings directly from your CRM system Let dedicated web services handle all the worries and woes of sending e-mails to your customers and clients.

The Mandrill connector for SuiteCRM gives you the opportunity to concentrate on what you do best: find, define and target that sweet spot to get the customer hooked up with your company.

While capturing leads on the web and in real life, processing them and keeping them engaged you will never have to worry again if that confirmation mail really has been sent or that final mailing campaign went through your mailserver smoothly this time.

The SuiteCRM-Mandrill connector enhances the classic "Campaigns" module with an user interface for the Mandrill API. You can choose whether to use your SuiteCRM mail templates or connect you MailChimp account for using fancy MailChimp templates while sending e-mails from your CRM system through Mandrill.

Thus you don't have to worry about your e-mail account and provider anymore, regardless if sending tons of individual transactional e-mails to your customers or large bulk mailings with thousands of recipients.


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