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Use the Inventory Management integration for SuiteCRM to successfully oversee your product supply within the CRM – all without the need for expensive, off-the-shelf software. Complete your business cycle: from quotes or invoices you can stay on top of your inventory flow.

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Organize and centralize your inventory processes within SuiteCRM

The Inventory Management integration for SuiteCRM is a powerful tool that helps organize and control inventory for your business. Have everything centralized within your CRM without the need to manage your inventory in insecure Excel spreadsheets or with expensive, off-the-shelf inventory software.

Inventory Management Features

1. Manage all your warehouses, without limits.


2. Define types if the Average Cost of inventory is managed by warehouse or across the entire application.

Average Cost.png

3. Have possibility of issuing items from invoices or quotes.

invoice transaction.png

4. Get notifications when inventory is insufficient.

popup message.png

5. Manage quantities of products per warehouse.

Qty by WH.png

6. Get on-hand quantity online, so you will never need to have parallel information of your inventory.


7. Execute transfers between warehouses.


Do not sell something you do not have ever again. Use the Inventory Management integration for SuiteCRM with billing or quotation to ensure you have the necessary inventory to fulfill your clients!

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