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Gmail Ninja seamlessly integrates your Gmail inbox, Calendar, Contacts and Email History into your SuiteCRM. Optimize your inbox with Gmail Ninja, a powerful solution to better Manage Sales, Improve Team Productivity, and Keep Communication all in One Place.

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Sync your SuiteCRM with Gmail using Gmail Ninja

Configure SuiteCRM to synchronize Gmail Calendar invites, Contacts and Leads, and Email History. Stay focused on work with this convenient solution that helps you better manage your sales communications by keeping everything centralized within your CRM.

Key Features

Easily continue conversations when transitioning between accounts.
Perform quick email lookups without having to manually search through
threads via Gmail. • Automatically load all google meetings onto their SuiteCRM calendar. • Record and relate data between SuiteCRM and Gmail. Choose our sync
“both ways” option and have all the information you need at all times –
whether you’re using your phone on the go, or working from the office.


  • Manage sales communications all within CRM by centralizing email history and calendar invites
  • Make updates to calendar invites in CRM and see the changes synchronize to Gmail
  • View if a contact or lead read your email within a designated subpanel in SuiteCRM
  • Sync email history and relate to the contact in SuiteCRM for quick lookup without having to search through Gmail for an email trail
  • Sales can easily pick up a conversation where it was left off when transitioning accounts
  • Knowledge continuation by viewing all the email history across the lead of contact

1. Sync Contacts or Leads from Gmail

Sync your Contacts or Leads from Gmail and have a universal view of the Gmail Calandar activities and Email History within the record. The sync also captures basic information from the Google Contact such as Job Title, Mobile number, Name, Email, and Description.


2. View your calendar invites from Gmail in SuiteCRM

Synchronize your calendar history across Gmail and SuiteCRM, or choose between syncing one way from Gmail to SuiteCRM, or SuiteCRM to Gmail.

ContactSync (1).gif

3. View email history with your Contact and Lead

Under the Contact or Lead record, you can view the historical email history, new emails sent from and to that specific contact/lead, and if the email was read and unread.


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