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The FullContact add-on enables your teams to understand a more complete picture of SuiteCRM Leads, Contacts and Accounts by syncing other available details that help fill in missing gaps of information, creating better profiles for people and businesses.

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Enhance Your SuiteCRM Contact Information

FullContact is an integration that works to create improved profiles for professional contacts and business accounts, allowing users to grow their connections. With the power of additional information, it’s easier to reach out and relate to prospects, leads and customers for marketing and business purposes.

Make Queries Using the FullContact Person or Company API

Users looking for information regarding a person’s name, job title, location, social profiles, demographics and other options, can simply input any contact’s email address into FullContact, then the Person API method will upload any existing, related information to the record.

When users need information on business accounts, the same process is followed with the Company API method. Once users have input the name or email address of a company, FullContact can provide them with a company overview, website address, social profiles, date founded and number of employees.

Key Features

  • Get full information on records synced and saved in SuiteCRM
  • Help your teams deliver outstanding customer service experiences
  • Gain accurate, related data in one second
  • Append contact information like: FullName, Gender, Location, Title, Organization, Phones, TwitterID, LinkedInID, FacebookID, Avatar, Website, Bio-Data in Contacts and Leads record
  • Append business information like: Name, Location, Founded, Employees, TwitterID, LinkedInID, FacebookID, Logo URL, Website, Bio-Data in Accounts record

How to fetch the FullContact details in Leads and Contacts:

It’s easy: simply enter the email address in the default email address field. Then, it will sync all the information related to that profile. See configuration examples below. EmailAddress1.png

Once you enter the email address and save the record, it will sync the information below automatically. Lead_Contact1.png

How to fetch the FullContact details in Accounts:

Simply enter the website URL in the website field. Then, it will sync all the information related to that company. See configuration examples below. Website.png

Once you enter website and save the record, it will sync the information below automatically. Account.png

Note: If you change the email address or website in respective records, then it will update the information according to the new email or website URL.

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