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Have conversations about any record in Suite CRM just like on Facebook or any social network.

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CRM Social Collaboration Ninja enables your CRM Users to collaborate and conversate on any record in SuiteCRM. Get your sales, service, and marketing teams collaborating on new deals through conversation. Tag other users of the CRM platform and bring them into the conversation. Automatic email notifications will go out to users as you converse. Here are the use cases for your business:

Video Introduction

Using Social Collaboration Ninja on Your Mobile Device (iPhone Demo)

Sales Collaboration

Collaboration View.JPG

Use the "@" to communicate with other SuiteCRM and SugarCRM users

At Sign Call Outs.JPG

Insert Attachments and Photos

Insert Attachments.JPG

Drag and Drop Attachments and Photos

Image Preview in Social Collab.JPG

Respond and Reply

Respond and Comment Basics.JPG

Set Employee Avatars or Photos

Employee Avatar.JPG

Project Management Collaboration

Project Management Thread - Social Collaboration Ninja

Work in realtime on project and project tasks in SuiteCRM.

Customer Support Collaboration

Customer Support Thread - Social Collaboration Ninja

Bring in other folks into customer service issues, and escalate if needed.

Configure Email Notification Settings

Configure Mail Settings - Social Collaboration Ninja

Notify multiple users via email as comments are made

Configure Mail Settings v2 - Social Collaboration Ninja

Configure how other users are notified and how owners of records are notified.

Inbound Emails Sent to CRM Users

Inbound Email Notification

Disable and Enable Modules

Configure which modules you want to give the ability to comment on records in the Admin section of CRM.
Soc Disable.PNG

Choose which modules you want to disable or enable.

Custom Modules, too!

Even your custom modules are automatically supported.

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